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With the purchase of our third Tricaster, this one, a Tricaster TCXD860 high definition switcher, we have the ability to produce in-studio High Definition video including green or blue screen chromakey technology. The TCXD860 has quite a few virtual HD sets available for chromakey production.

Below is a video we shot in September 2015 of the many, many flags that are flown each year at the “Memorial Gardens” in Odessa, TX. There is one flag placed for every person killed in the 911 attack. The DJI Phantom 3 Professional video DRONE was used to shoot the video footage. It is FAA 333 Exempt for Commercial use.

Here’s a video from 1978 of rock  group, Sweet Briar, produced by Bob Bailey. The song was written by  bassist, Randy Ray, and included percussion by Dennis Springer and  guitar by Bob Bailey. This is probably one of the the first music videos ever, pre-MTV. This one was done with a single camera and was shot prior to the  audio tracks being completed in the studio. The shoot took approximately THREE hours. The editing system for U-Matic, which was the format used,  was new at the time and  featured no jog or shuttle. Everything was inserted in real time,  manually, as the source tape and edit tape came into sync. Sync was  accomplished by using the pause on the two decks momentarily as needed.  If the sync wasn’t acquired before the edit point was reached the manual insert was not made and the two decks were backed up and restarted and  the process was tried again until sync was established. Then a manual  insert of video edit was made into the edit tape. Once the music was finished in the studio, it was re-synced and layed into the master.

It wouldn’t be for another year and a half before editing systems were being built with jog and shuttle control for frame accurate editing with the video decks.